My Work

Unity3d Fan Favorite map
My Map in-game for my hobbyist project
Docks Gameplay Screenshot
Unity3d Mountain Level by Aidan Gignac

Screenshots & Level Flow

Take a look for yourself I have designed the following maps with Unity3d Level Editor.
The work you see here is all done by myself and I am the sole developer behind these maps and my project.
Take a look at my Battle Royale Map I have created.
My maps are designed with creativity and realistic scenarios. I really believe in the player feeling involved.
Players should recognize the level of detail a level designer spends working on their map.
Take a close look at the level layouts as well to see how the gameplay will unfold to players.
Mapping is something that is crucial to a game, What would a game be without levels and environments?
Nothing. Level Designing is something I am strongly passionate about.
My work here is very important to me. I hope anyone who sees this will be impressed.